One Version Of Truth

Supply chain transformation is taking place now

Discover ways to apply OVOT to your day to day

for organic food producers

For those producers that the value of their products is in their quality: ecological, proximity ...

for deliveries protection

For distributors who want to give their customers peace of mind by demonstrating the correct handling of their products

for COVID 19

For those who want to certify that they have passed COVID 19 and can go out on the street in complete safety

for supermarkets trust

For supermarkets who want to have the confidence that their suppliers treat their products correctly

for healthy customer

For those consumers who care about the origin and quality of the products they consume

for producer companies

For those companies that have products with their own barcode and want to add value by tagging & adding tracking capabilities to them with OVOT

Producers benefits

Brand protection

Ensure the safety and quality of your products through the entire value chain

Product Value Increase

It brings value to its consumers through product knowledge generating the need and peace of mind to consume a quality product with a known origin

Cost saving

By certifying the supply chain in an irrefutable way allows indirect cost savings in insurance, control mechanisms, people...

Consumers benefits


Where it comes from, how it was made and processed and how its quality was preserved.


You can verify the path taken by the product from a simple application


Check the high value of your products through product certification with Blockchain Technology

Why choose OVOT?

Ovot is a traceability solution powered by DLT technology that aims to empower companies to have control and knowledge in all steps of their supply chain.

We mix IOT devices with Blockchain technology to have the chance to control from the scratch any kind of product, vehicle and so on.

Thanks to use Blockchain, your data will be secured distributedly. You won’t lose you information nor get it corrupted.

Business oriented.
Our solution is scalable and adaptable to all kind of current projects and processes.

Just with one dashboard you will manage everything: roles, products, information and so on.

Easy to check and manage. Request your free trial to see how easy is to apply our QR’s through OVOT’s solution.

Tag, manage and control all you need. Easy & fast.

"One of our mantras is: we cannot develop a great solution for a client if he has to make a big effort to integrate and use it. So we develop OVOT.
Easy, secure, good and 100% adaptable."

Some facts about us

A team of eight people, fully focused on OVOT

We already tracked products like: fish, wheat, motorcycles or  first aid material

Current clients

+1000 tags made